Monday, November 14, 2011

Arrival at Riverwood

Day 1 Part 2

Arrival at Riverwood

As Svard made his way down the mountain path, he looked out at the small valley below, watched the river running across the rocks, noticing the salmon jumping upstream, fighting their way towards their home. A rabbit ran past him quickly, scurrying into the bushes and he noticed a deer in the distance.

He came across three stones along the path. Each had different markings on them. He studied them for some time as they obviously had some purpose. He was drawn towards the one with a warrior engraved upon its face. Without thinking, he reached out and touched it. It began to glow and he felt a change come over him. He felt like he could become much better in combat than he was already.

By the time he left the stones, it was past midday. The sun was already beginning to fall and he knew he should hurry up or he'll have to sleep outside, and he was eager to find what awaited him in this town.

He quickened his pace and ran down along the road by the river. Suddenly he heard a howl. He knew that sound very well. He turned to his right and saw a pack of three wolves staring him down. In a moment they were on him. They bit at him, snarled, growled. He swung his mace, bludgeoning one in the head and knocking back the others. He smacked them repeatedly, their whines quieting as they were beaten to a bloody pulp.

When the fight was over he took the time to skin the wolves. He would never waste a good hide and he would definitely use this later. By now the sun was getting quite low in the sky, but he was almost to Riverwood.

In not long at all he reached the town. He saw the wooden buildings, the mill and the people just as the sun was creeping behind the mountains. As he took his first steps inside the town he heard people talking about the dragon. He kept on and met an old drunkard standing outside a building. The man said this place was the Sleeping Giant Inn, a place where he could get food, mead and a bed. Svard thanked the man for the information and went inside.

There was a large firepit, many chairs and tables and a man holding an object with strings on it that made melodic sounds. He approached the man and asked him about himself. Apparently this man was a "bard" from the "bard's college" in a place called "Solitude". The man knew none of Svard's old home songs, so instead he played something else he thought Svard might like. He called it "Ragnar The Red.".

Svard went to the innkeeper and asked him if he could buy food and such here. The drunkard outside was correct and he handed over some of those coins he had found in Helgen in exchange for a cooked rabbit haunch, a bottle of nordic mead and a bed. He sat in a chair and chewed on his haunch as he listened to the bard sing then shared his bottle with the drunk from outside. By the time he felt tired enough to sleep it was nearly midnight. The bard said goodnight and left, the drunkard was completely smashed and Svard went to his bedroom. 

It was nothing like he had slept in before. This strange bed thing was interesting. He wasn't sure how he liked it, but it wasn't too terrible he thought. He had only slept on furs and leather before, and a stone cold floor while in prison. Anything was better than that prison floor. He went to sleep and slept soundly the whole night, planning to wake up early for his fresh start in his new life.


  1. Heh, I like the detailing like about the bed. Great pictures btw, wish I'd have such quality.

    How do you like the game so far?

  2. Thanks.
    It's a lot of fun. I like it a lot. Much better than Oblivion, imo. Still, wish they'd bring back more things from Morrowind like crossbows, spears, exotic weapons, levitation. Kinda dislike the whole no stats thing, but oh well, just nitpicking. It's really fun anyways.

    How do you like it?

    Haven't got to do much because of exams. *argh*
    hopefully i can get some more written soon before I go to las vegas.

  3. I love the game so far, and I can live with the no stats stuff. I guess being of the generation that started out playing text based RPG's written in basic my standards aren't very high, heh.

    Best of luck with your exams!

    And Las Vegas, nice, have a good time there! (not like you have any other choice there)

  4. Thanks lol. I did, it was fun. I'm back now! Time to get writing!

    *scurries about with pencil and paper*