These are the oaths Svard has taken on his journey through the land of Skyrim.

He will eat and drink regularly, less if he needs to ration his food, but he will still eat.

He will also sleep regularly. 6-9 hours each day. He is a hardened warrior, so if he needs to stay awake for more than a day he can, but it would only be under desperate circumstances.

Can only wait under two hours at a time (counts as napping) Or he can stand around in one spot in real time as time goes by so fast.

He will not use fast travel unless there's some actual in-game method of it. (THERE IS! woo! carriages.)

He will not cheat by using guides or the internet or the console.

He will accept the consequences of his actions. (No reloading except in death.)

Must act as he normally would. (Dressing appropriately i.e. not wearing battle armor all day long even in bed. Also wearing warm clothing in the cold, taking off his helmet inside comfortable environments, seeking shelter from a storm, not swimming in the Sea of Ghosts. etc.)

Must respond to situations according to his personality. He does not back down from a fight or challenge. He loves battle and sees a death in battle as a wonderful thing. He may attack someone he feels isn't giving him enough respect. (though he might show a little bit of restraint after his last outburst in public). He does not know what most civilized things are as he lived in a tiny village in the mountains his entire life living off the land. 

Can only carry 150 pounds in his pack. If he goes over that limit he has to walk.

Doesn't know how to use magic (or even what it is). (though that doesn't mean he can't learn a spell or two in time, it will just be extremely weak if he does learn one.)

Must use a trainer for any skills not linked to his backstory lifestyle. (He already knows 1 handed, blocking, light armor, cooking, speech, archery, smithing, sneaking from hunting)

No compass or compass markers or quest markers.

Can only carry 2-3 primary weapons at a time. Daggers or other small weapons (if there's any) don't count.

Will only level up after sleeping.

Playing on hardest difficulty.