Svard's Journal

Some basic information about Svard

Name:  Svard Tieg
Race:   Nord
Class:  Warrior
Skills:  1-handed (skilled with swords, axes and maces.)

             Light Armor (Furs, chainmail, nothing too cumbersome)
             Smithing (In Tieg, it is your responsibility to maintain your weapons and armour.)
             Archery (He learned for hunting as a boy)
             Speech (He's a natural born leader)

             Sneaking (Minor skill, learned from hunting)
             Alchemy (not magic, but he knows the effects of wild plants fairly well)

Summary of his personality: 
He is a fierce warrior, skilled huntsman and a natural leader. He's used to being out in the cold rugged weather of Skyrim as it is where he grew up. Living so far out from civilization, until now all he knew of the outside world were stories and tales passed down throughout the village. 
He's not used to normal social customs and will have to adapt best he can, or his life in the cities will be quite short. He is very proud of his heritage and devotes everything to his people and way of life. 
His biggest dream is to some day find an opponent worthy enough to send him to Sovngarde, as that is what he left his village to do. He'll take any challenge, no matter how impossible it seems for a chance to increase his honour and glory. 
In Tieg they sung songs about him on occasion and he found a fondness for the attention. He also loves a good horn of mead and to him, horker is a rare delicacy.

He does not like Bosmer or Aldmer and he has a very untrusting attitude towards Dunmer, Khajiit, Orcs and Argonians. Orcs are generally straight forward though. He likes that about them, but he wouldn't want to be friends with them, just fight them. He sees imperials as slightly smaller, more petty nords, not warriors but children. Although children with many spells and big armies. He generally looks down on them.